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Weigh Bridge
Mobile Weighbridge
Hari & Co., provides  accurate weight of cargo handled both at Chennai / Tuticorin Ports. The weighbridge is placed near the wharf for weighing cargo.

Weight of cargo are accurately taken and the data’s are fully computerized to ensure 100% accuracy for the satisfaction of clients / all government agencies involved in handling of cargo inside the port area.

Two separate mobile weighbridges are placed inside the port for cargo weight purpose against 20” Feet and 40” Feet vehicles.

Mobile weighbridge
40” Feet 80 Tons Capacity
20” Feet 60 Tons Capacity

Apart from the mobile weighbridge, the Head office at Tuticorin  has a fixed weighbridge implanted near to the office and the weighbridge is 40” Feet in length and its load bearing capacity is up to 120 Tons.
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