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Hari & Co., multipoint focus on infrastructure, technology, people commitment, the company has grown leaps and bounds. As a service provider, Hari & Co’s mission is to offer the best, appropriate, costeffective, efficient services to suit the customer’s needs. The number of containers handled by the Tuticorin Port is increasing day by day and the need or support services are ever increasing. In the near future, the port will become the most favored port for all exporters due to the close proximity to international sea routes. Volumes are expected to exceed five lakh TEU’s in the nest five – six years.

The company has come up with a Container Freight Station to cater the growing needs of customers. As the port has planned to totally avoid stuffing and destuffing activities inside the port premises and allow CFS’s, bonded warehouses to take care of those activities, Hari & Co.,CFS Park., will technically prove to be an ideal location for stuffing and destuffing process.

Hari & Co., CFS Park., has a warehouse at an area of 46,985.67 – sq.ft has been allotted to parking lot. The customs office & CHA temporary office has been constructed at an area of 300

Besides, three cranes, four forklifts, on fully automatic palletizing machine and one automatic hydraulic ramp and one Reach Stacker are at full fledge in operation.

The office is fully air-conditioned along with state-of-the-art interiors with rich ambience, individual office space with computers & storage cupboards.

Regarding safety factors, both safety of the cargo against pilferage/theft and safety against damage have been ensured. Also the CFS’s is equipped to face any natural major disaster such as fire etc.
Location    -

On the Tuticorin – Madurai Bye Pass Road., Thoothukudi.

Total Area - 7 Acres
Area - Specious New Ware House Capacity around 46985.67 Sq.ft.
Service -

Well maintained by experienced staff on Shift Basis.

Space -

Earmarked space & allotted bay for every clientale volume, with well planned area marking for speedy examination of the cargo and to avoid shuffling of cargoes.

Handling  - Expertise labourers for easy & safe handling of all type cargo
Customs    -

Organised Customs team will co-ordinate round the clock

Security -

Established Private Security for guarding and nil pilferage.

Equipments -

Sufficient deployment of Fork Lift Trucks, Automatic Pallet Machine, Heavy Cranes, and One Reach Stacker.

Hari & co  - CFS Warehouse & Equipments,

Space covered .

  •  Import Yard                   -    71,000 Sqft.
  • Export CFS Go down     -    46,895 Sqft.
  • Distance from Port to Hari CFS Park   -   12 Kms.

Sl. No


Capacity/ Unit



Slots for storage of import containers

300 slots/ 55,000sqt



Slots for Storage of export containers

90 slots / 35,000sqt



Covered storage space

200 slots / 40,000sqt



Open storage space

65 slots / 25,000sqt



Equipments available with capacity


  • VOLTAS   – 3TON
  • DAEWOO – 3TON 
  • GODREJ  – 3 TO   


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