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Bonded Timberyard
Hari Bonded Warehouse
The Hari Bonded Warehouse adds impetus the storage capabilities of Timber Logs. This Timber Yard spanning 81,000 Sqm of prime property at the ideally located about 3 Kms away from the port, on Harbour Express Road. For stacking and loading of timber logs there are Cranes and Fork Lifts always available in Bonded Warehouse.

We are having a Excellent warehouse with good infrastructure which is situated about 5 km from the port covering 3 acres about 12000 sqm for stacking and packing of export & import cargo.

Multipurpose Shed
The Multipurpose Shed is located near the Green Gate, which is a boon for the company for easy transaction, fast cargo movement and is well secured. It consist of a well covered shed which covers 810 Sqm which is used to stack the forwarding cargoes like Sugar, Cement, Rice, Wheat & Wheat Flour etc., and an open area about 14000 Sqms where we stack our export cargo like Construction Materials, River Sand, Aggregate, Hollow Block and Import cargo like Scrap etc. We are availing the Fork Lift service in round the clock for the fast moving of cargos.

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